Technical Info about SkyWatch:



SkyWatch project requires a special kind of telescope, a Server application that controls the telescobe step motors and camera, and a client application for connecting telescope servers to watch the space...

   The telescope has two joints with step motors that can move 360 Horizantal and 180 Vertical,

In the first version of software, user is asked to input horizantal and vertical degrees to move the telescobe, and a picture of the given coordinates will be sent to client, also skylock function will be available for our telescope to follow the star as the world turns from west to east.


     Development will be on C# but Java also can be used on the client side of the program in new versions.

Contrubutors will be needed for beta testing, electronic design... The telescope movement will is provided by two step motors by the LPT port which is controlled by server program

Since The LPT port has a 8 bit output, it can control 2 step motors with 4 inputs. but we plan to include a multiplexer to add zoom and focus ability to the telescope.

Since SkyWatch is an opensource project you can download the latest source code from this web site.


The SkyWatch Project